Nenek Bongok Tiga

Produced by Viu Malaysia, a thriller based on local Malaysian folklore & games.

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“The Virus Didn’t Care”

6 Malaysians reflect on how the pandemic changed their lives, highlighting the changes the nation has faced.

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Urban Poverty in Kuala Lumpur

M’sians not financially resilient enough for retirement

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Teoh Beng Hock: 10 Years Later

10 years after Malaysia’s first political death, the family continues its search for justice

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Obama in Kuala Lumpur

“Former US President Barack Obama says running for the presidency was the most difficult decision he had to make.”

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Work In Progress

Migrant workers presented without statistics and figures – as humans

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Obama on change

“Former US president Barack Obama spoke about straddling the balance between idealism and being practical at the Obama Foundation Leaders: Asia Pacific Friday.”

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Big City, Small Living

With cities become costly to live, microhousing might be the solution moving forward

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R.AGE against student/trafficking

“The Star’s R.AGE team is taking active steps to help combat the practice by launching its Students Against Trafficking campaign today.”

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